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Linxworks Manager is a streamlined, web-based sales and marketing system that puts you in control, increases sales effectiveness, and boosts productivity.

Linxworks Manager is the software solution that will empower your dealership to efficiently and effectively sell, market, and manage your new, used, and rental inventory.

From searching up-to-the-minute inventory data in the field using Manager Mobile to automatic synchronization with your existing business system to automatic advertising on UsedIron, Manager can help you in real, solid, proven ways.

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Linxworks Manager is Simple

Linxworks has always stood by the belief that powerful, enterprise-level software does not have to be difficult to use. Manager is:

1. Web-based. No disc, no download, no software to install, no big upfront IT costs.
User-friendly. We've been making software for non-technical users for over a decade.
Automated. A number of Manager features, like its proprietary DTS™ system and patented PUF™ system, exist solely to make your life easier.

Manager is a powerful system with all kinds of things going on 'under the hood', but we've dedicated ourselves to making it a simple and easy-to-understand system so that customers can put it to work instantly.

Quick to learn. Nothing to install. You're up and running almost immediately after you become a Manager customer.

Linxworks Manager is Sophisticated.

Sure it's easy to use, but don't let that fool you.

With a whole suite of marketing materials (including professionally-branded, automatically pre-built quotes (PDF) , brochures(PDF), and full-color inventory reports (PDF)). a host of productivity utilities solely designed to reduce overhead and eliminate headaches (like Manager Mobile, which allows you to take your inventory system with you wherever you are), and a built-in free advertising package (including an automatic feed of machines you choose to advertise on, one of the busiest heavy equipment marketplaces on the web), Manager is an all-in-one inventory solution.

This is just the start of what Linxworks Manager can do - for a full product tour, we'd love to hear from you. Contact us today and we can answer any questions you have about Manager.

Linxworks Manager is Superior.

What can Linxworks Manager really do for your dealership?

Linxworks Manager benefits at a glance:

  • Proven, guaranteed software with a history of extremely high uptime and a staff dedicated and committed to your success

  • Accessible from any computer with an internet connection with nothing to download or install

  • Linxworks has a decade of experience in managing heavy equipment online, with billions of dollars of inventory being processed daily

  • Automated integration into UsedIron to expose your machines to more buyers, instantly and with no extra work

  • Manager Mobile increases sales force effectiveness like nothing else

  • Linxworks' automated DTS system connects to your existing dealership system, which means no extra data entry

  • Integrated print utilities makes printing attractive, professional quotes, brochures point-and-click-simple

  • Linxworks Manager's tracking tools show you how often your sales force is delivering quotes, to whom they are being delivered, and what prices are being quoted - on demand and up-to-the-second

  • With 50 full time software developers providing ongoing development, Linxworks Manager is always on the leading edge, with performance thatís guaranteed for today and into the future

  • Linxworks Manager includes international telephone support, and is absolutely guaranteed

Want to learn more?

We'd be happy to discuss Linxworks Manager with you at your convenience. Please contact us today.

Linxworks Manager is Secure.

Linxworks' Data Transformation System and your dealership.

Data Transformation System (DTS):

DTS is a proprietary system that integrates with your existing dealership system to take the effort out of data exchange.

DTS is a system that 'speaks to' your existing dealership business system to import information on the machines in inventory without any need for re-entering, re-formatting, or manually updating data.

The Linxworks DTS system translates your data into encrypted XML and then imports that data into your Manager system, where you can take advantage of the many sales, advertising, and productivity tools Manager offers.

DTS can also be configured so units are automatically sent to the marketplace, and your dealership website, for effortless, immediate advertising.

Linxworks Manager and its proprietary DTS™ system are not only automated; they are also incredibly secure:

  • World-class datacenter and application server running in reliable and scalable cluster environment behind firewalls

  • 24/7 system monitoring
  • +
  • Daily off-site data backup

  • A climate-controlled datacenter connected to a dedicated UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) and backup diesel generator to maintain system uptime in the event of a power outage

  • State-of-the-art data encryption between your dealership system and DTS

If you have any questions about DTS or Linxworks Manager, please contact us today.

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